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Stockport Fencing Ltd are pleased to offer a  pioneering  concept to the concrete Post and Panel  perimeter fencing  sector.

Weighing  up to 60% less than traditional dense concrete posts LITECRETE posts and gravel  boards  are superior in quality to any other lightweight product on the market today.

LITECRETE lightweight concrete products are engineered lightweight concrete designed to meet compliance with EU  Manual Handling Legislation.

Appealing  to the professional installer and the DIY market
LITECRETE lightweight concrete posts offers the market  fresh potential within this busy sector.

  • Superior surface finish, undistinguishable from dense concrete products
  • Easy  to handle and safer to install
  • Safer than dense concrete
  • Superior flexural strength
  • Easier to handle than dense concrete
  • Less labour intensive
  • Greater vehicle payload
  • Security fixing prevents lifting of panels
  • Twice the strength of other lighweight concrete fence posts.

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Over the past 3 years LITECRETE concrete posts and gravel boards has been successfully supplied to the trade and grown in popularity with installers  for domestic and County Council applications.

Litecrete is a product that we have been developing for a number of years now and its introduction has revolutionised the domestic fencing market. Litecrete is a lightweight concrete formulation that we developed for the manufacture of lightweight concrete fence posts and lightweight concrete gravel boards in response to the introduction throughout Europe of the 25kg manual handling guideline for single person lifting. Since its well received introduction we have developed its use to begin producing timber effect Border Edging Roll, commonly referred to as Log Roll.

Lightweight Concrete Fence Posts and Panels
Our Litecrete fence posts and panels weigh up to 60% less than traditional dense concrete products, allowing DIY installers to now enjoy the benefits of a concrete post without having to endure the strain of lifting such a product. Having said this it is not exclusively used in the DIY market as health and safety conscious companies, keen to preserve the wellbeing of their employees who install fencing, by reducing the manual handling aspect of the installation are also keen users of the product. Its use also allows for a greater vehicle payload, meaning cost savings are made in fuel and time when delivering the product to site. It is identical in appearance to our wet cast Concrete Products and with strength test results for a 120 x 90mm slotted post surpassing the requirements outlined in the British Standard for a 125 x 125mm solid concrete straining post it is easy to see why Litecrete is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for many.

Lightweight Border Edging Roll/ Log Roll
The problem with ordinary timber border edging roll is that as it is generally manufactured using the cheapest, poorest quality timber available. This timber, being of a low quality, although normally pressure treated is susceptible to rot and we have experienced cases where the timber has rotten whilst in storage ready to be sold. Obviously when timber of this nature is put into contact with wet soil the process of decay will be extremely quick and as this product is generally set into the ground, often retaining slightly different ground levels it will all to quickly need replacing. We developed our Litecrete alternative in response to market demand for a product that served the same purpose as timber log roll but was much longer lasting. As Litecrete resists microbiological attack, (the process causing the onset of rot in timber), and requires no maintenance it is easy to see the benefits associated with using timber effect products manufactured in this material.


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